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Dog and Cat Bill of Rights

As far as the State of California is concerned, a bee is really a fish.

My human is quite fond of something she calls Bill of Rights. This old mama dog doesn’t know who Bill is, but if he makes my human happy, then he’s all right with me.

My human spent 10 years in the California State Legislature and has seen lots of bills introduced and some of them were even enacted into law! She thought she’d seen most everything–until this year.

My human and I are both excited about AB 1881, introduced by Assemblymember Miguel Santiago (D-Los Angeles) to create a Dog and Cat Bill of Rights.

AB 1881 would have California law recognize that pets are “sentient beings that experience complex feelings that are common among living animals while being unique to each individual animal.” The bill would require public animal shelters to honor the rights of animals to have daily exercise, food, sanitary water, and shelter, and to live lives free from fear and anxiety, among other things.

All of these things are just common sense to this old dog. In my humble canine opinion, sometimes common sense needs to have the force of law behind it.

If you want to know more about the Dog and Cat Bill of Rights, click here Dog & Cat Bill

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