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Why Do I Need a Litigation Attorney?

While filing a lawsuit against a liable party can be in your best interest – both personally and financially – it can also be stressful. You can reduce this stress by hiring an experienced litigation attorney to represent you and your case.

What Litigation Attorneys Do

After you file a lawsuit, a civil litigation attorney will represent you during your case.

Litigation attorneys are responsible for guiding you through the legal process and ensuring all deadlines are met and all required documents are properly filed. He or she will also represent you in the courtroom.

Expertise in Specific Areas

Because the types of litigation cases can vary greatly, it’s essential to hire an attorney who specializes in the type of law related to your case. If something unexpected comes up during the case, or even in the courtroom, you need an attorney who knows how to proceed.

An experienced litigation attorney can work for you and improve your chances to win your case as they advocate for you. He or she will develop a strategy based on the evidence and the law. They will use their expertise to represent you against the opposing legal team, with witnesses, and in front of the judge. This is expertise you can’t get from an inexperienced attorney.

Litigation Attorneys Help You Navigate the Legal System

How well-versed are you in the intricate details of the legal system? Likely not very, which makes it very difficult for you to represent yourself when filing a lawsuit.

Instead, let an experienced litigation attorney do the work for you. An expert knows the ins and outs of the legal process and how to best represent your case.

An attorney will typically start with the discovery phase. This will help him or her learn more about your case, and what facts and evidence exist. Your attorney might ask you a set of questions to ensure they fully understand your case and your position. He or she might also interview witnesses and other important parties during this phase to gather more information. Your attorney might also file requests to obtain written documentation that provides key evidence or information.

After this phase, your attorney will better understand your case and know your chances of winning it.

If you have a winnable case, your attorney will then proceed by filing a complaint against the defendant and serve the Summons and Complaint.

Next, the defendant has the right to respond to your Complaint and then discovery will begin.

Through the process, your attorney will help determine if you should try to settle the case or if you should go to court. An experienced attorney knows when the offer is legitimate and you should take it, or when you have a better chance of winning more damages in court.

Without the experience and know-how of an attorney, you might immediately think you should take your case to court. However, an experienced litigation attorney can help you understand the risks involved with this, and some of the potential benefits of settling. It’s important to rely on your litigation attorney’s expertise and trust his or her advice. It can mean the difference between getting the damages you are owed, or settling for a lesser amount.

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