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8 Things Kids Want Parents to Know During Divorce

  1. That it’s okay to tell them the truth. Try to understand your kid’s perspective and tell them the truth when you can. Give them facts, a timeline, and what they can expect during the process.
  2. They might not be surprised to hear about their parent’s divorce. Kids can be very perceptive and chances are, they picked up on the unintended hints you and your spouse have dropped.
  3. They understand that their parents are people too, and sometimes people need to go their separate ways. Chances are you and your spouse have not been great to be around up until this point, and you will all be happier when it is all said and done.
  4. They aren’t mad at you for getting a divorce. Your child is likely more hurt and confused than they are mad or angry.
  5. They definitely don’t want to see or hear you and your spouse fight. They probably don’t want to hear about your fights either. The less you involve your kids in the negative aspects of your relationship, the better.
  6. They want to keep their routines as close to normal as possible. Whether it’s Friday night pizza or soccer practice on Sunday, always make time for these rituals during the week.
  7. They want to spend time with you one-on-one. This is the most important time to make sure you maintain your relationship with your child. Find a fun way to spend some individual time together doing something you both enjoy.
  8. We think you’re really brave. Nothing about divorce is easy, but making difficult choices to improve your overall happiness is an important part of life. Your child will remember this when it is time for them to make difficult decisions in their own life.

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