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Our Approach to the Practice of Law

Together, the two law partners in Evans Kingsbury LLP, have nearly 130 years of combined life experience.

Between us, we have raised 9 children to successful adulthood, including one with special needs. We have helped family, friends, and clients through the impacts of substance abuse, narcissism, abuse, and sociopathic behavior. We have been each through our own divorces, including property division, support, and custody issues. Deirdre even tried her own divorce case. We are both working moms and have been single mothers of teenagers.

We have tangled with opposing counsel who exaggerate, twist the facts, and sometimes outright lie and counsel who engage in unethical behavior, like talking to our clients. We have dealt with former spouses or business partners who lie, cheat, steal, hide money, and destroy documents.

We have represented clients in dissolutions, spousal and child support matters, visitation matters, easement issues, environmental cases, car accidents, slip and fall cases, defamation cases, fraud, fire, tax, nuisance, land use, insurance coverage, business disputes, contracts, elder abuse, mortgage fraud, and many other types of cases.

We have cross-examined thousands of parties and witnesses in various types of litigation and argued countless cases in state and federal trial courts, tax court, and state and federal appellate courts and even the California State Supreme Court.

Noreen spent 21 years in politics, including 10 years in the State Capitol. She has worked with people from all over the globe, of all types of backgrounds, ages, and ethnicities. Deirdre has a degree in counseling and her first child was born while she was in law school.

In short, there is little in law and in life that we haven’t seen.

At the same time, we recognize our clients don’t have the same broad, objective perspective. Your case is intensely personal to you. You shared an intimacy with your ex-spouse or former business partner that means they know how to push all of your emotional buttons. So do your children. It’s your home, your bank account, your children, your relationships, your parents, or your business at stake here.

We also recognize the burdens on you—how much you are paying us to represent your interests, the time you invest in helping us prepare your case, and the emotional toll the stress of litigation takes on you and your loved ones.

We can’t change the situation you’ve found yourself in. But we can help you change how you deal with it and where you go from here.

Give us a call for a free consultation about your case. We will answer your questions and explore whether or not we are a good fit for you. Get started today.

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