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Real Estate Property

When you face a dispute regarding your real property, it’s essential to hire an experienced attorney. The law regulating real property is complex. Whether someone is challenging the title to a piece of property, or you need to divide property between parties, it’s imperative that you have an experienced real property attorney on your side.

An attorney will fight to protect your interests, negotiate on your behalf, and guide you through the legal process to help you get the outcome you desire. Evans Kingsbury LLP handles real property disputes both in the trial court and on appeal.

Learn more about the types of cases we handle, and how our experienced attorneys can assist. Whether you are fighting against an individual, a large corporation, or even a government agency, we can help.

When You Need a Real Property Attorney

    A real estate attorney works for you to protect your interests. Your lawyer will play several roles and provide many advantages while helping you resolve property disputes, including in the following situations:
  • • Dividing or partitioning property: Dividing property among co-owners can be complicated. You may have several options for dividing the property, including partition, sale, or conveyance. A real estate attorney can help you determine ownership shares, how title will be held, whether the property will be sold or partitioned, and how the proceeds of sale will be divided.
  • • Challenging title: Disputes over title to real property may cause major complications for you and future sales of the property. Often disputes over title occur after one of the owners dies and someone else claims that the owner gave them an interest in the property. Other disputes may involve the form of title held by multiple owners.
  • • Disputing land boundaries: If you and another landowner are arguing about the location of the boundary line between your property and theirs, you need an attorney. Particularly in older deeds, the boundary line is often not entirely clear and potentially requires a new survey or title search.
  • • Easements: Many properties include easements that allow another person or the public to use part of the property for certain activities or to allow encroachment of a fence or part of a building onto another person’s property. Disputes may arise regarding the meaning of an easement or the extent of the use allowed by the easement.
  • • Offering invaluable knowledge and experience: While you likely don’t deal with real estate disputes each day, your attorney does. They are experienced in California real estate property laws and know how to properly handle unique situations to protect your property and interests.

Appealing a Real Property Dispute

If you go to court over a property dispute and lose, you still have options. You can work with your real property attorney to appeal the decision. Your attorney will first help you determine if your case qualifies for an appeal. If it does, they will help you navigate the process and inform you what information you will need to provide. Your attorney will also help set expectations for what you can expect during the appeal process – both in terms of timeline and results. You can rest assured that you will be in good hands with the team at Evans Kingsbury LLP, as we have extensive experience handling appeals.

How a Real Estate Attorney at Evans Kingsbury LLP Can Help

The team at Evans Kingsbury LLP has extensive experience dealing with real property disputes — both in the trial court and on appeal. Real estate is a valuable asset with long-reaching legal implications. To protect your real property rights, you need the experienced legal advice our team provides. Contact us to discuss your real property concerns, big or small.

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